Forthcoming: In Contact

Throughout August to September, we will be posting In Contact — a series of short articles and art texts developed in collaboration with creative practitioners, based across the world, reflecting on the significance of the present moment on their respective practices.

We asked our respondents to consider not only the immediate impact of the pandemic — namely, the limitations on movement, travel and physical interaction, and the inevitable precarity that such conditions have produced — but to also dwell on any potential overlaps between these recent conditions and existing, long-term circumstances and enquiries. In this regard, we are keen to consider how the pandemic can be understood not so much as a disruptive episode — dislocated from everything that preceded it, and therefore a chronology of its own — but as an event that must necessarily be integrated within broader reflections on artistic, philosophical and sociological paradigms, as well as more intimate interrogations of ‘life in general’.

Contributors will include: Claudio Molinari Dassatti (AR), Vera Mennens (NL), Iva Supic (HR) and more. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date!

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