16.12.2022 | Between Four Walls: Event #3 with To See the Inability to See and Ratu R Saraswati at PrintRoom, Amsterdam

Time: 19:00-21:00
Address: Schietbaanstraat, 3014ZX Rotterdam

The concluding event of our Between Four Walls program will take place at PrintRoom, Rotterdam, within the framework of Journeys Across Archive. Journeys Across Archives features a series of artist presentations and performative readings, each recollecting subversive processes towards archiving, mapping, and re-envisioning existing ‘environments’ — as much in the literal as metaphorical sense.

Artist Ratu R Saraswati and the artistic research collective To See the Inability to See (Arefeh Riahi, Maartje Fliervoet and Martín La Roche Contreras) will present performative readings. These readings arise from their respective contributions to 16 10 20.

Through an essayistic and performative process, To See the Inability to See weaves stories, thoughts and visual material together with books and objects from various archives. In a pragmatic way the collective tries to temporarily bring those together to allow them to narrate a new story. Some of the topics that its research is concerned with are exclusion, alienation and belonging.

Artist Ratu R Saraswati (Saras) creates stories that emerge from everyday encounters that she believes are not coincidental. A mother of a dead meerkoet, a captivated Java kancil: she wishes to tell the stories of the beings of the city of Amsterdam, a city far away from her home in Java island.

Alongside these readings, there will also be a screening of Trees of Rotterdam by Alice Ladenburg and Ollie Palmer, and a talk by José Quintanar about his project, A Dutch Landscape.

3.12.2022 | Between Four Walls: Event #2 with Kees van Leeuwen and Andrea Knezović at Manifold Books, Amsterdam

Time: 16:00-18:00
Address: Kraijenhoffstraat 34, 1018 RL Amsterdam
Registration link: Click here!

our words as space as language is a conversation-as-performance between artists Kees van Leeuwen and Andrea Knezović, organised by Notes on Hapticity Collective as part of our nomadic program Between Four Walls. It will also function as a prelude to Resonant match, Manifold Books’ upcoming 2023 program that will relate ‘resonance,’ to a variety of phenomena, particularly to dialogue, language and translations. our words as space as language invites the audience to question and meander along with Knezović and van Leeuwen’s thoughts, annotations, doubts and propositions. The conversation will dwell on the intersection between language, spatiality, neurodiverse sensibilities, institutionalized and intimate systems, and the negotiation of knowledge exchange in the midst of all such circumstances.

We ask ourselves: in what ways do we negotiate as much ourselves as the world around us through language? How else may language materialise, both within and beyond verbal processes? Can one’s somatic sensibilities fecundate a language, and can space —that which surrounds and holds one together— be understood as universal syntax? When faced with an expanded conception of language, what happens to the mythos of certainty? If there is knowledge in the unspeakable, what other thought styles and systems can we nurture, in an effort to support a sustainable psycho-cultural dynamic?

Image credit: collage of Andrea Knezović’s The Mess we come to love (2021) & extract from Kees van Leeuwen’s series Objects are Spaces (2013 – present).

12.11.2022 | 16 10 20 Exhibition & Performance at 4bid Gallery with Lisa Hofmann

On Saturday 12th November we’ll be participating in 4bid Gallery’s indie-press event, celebrating OT301’s 23rd Anniversary. Amsterdam-based 4Bid indie publishing (2022) was founded by a group of artists-volunteers at the 4bid gallery. It operates out of the OT301, a building that was squatted (1999) and bought (2006) by a diverse, international community that is united in an association called EHBK.

In addition to a presentation of the 16 10 20 scores, the scores will be also be activated live via a durational performance by Lisa Hofmann — starting from 18:00.

1.11.2022 | Between Four Walls, a public program

Between Four Walls is a public program created in collaboration with PrintRoom. Over the course of three nomadic events from November to December, the program will feature artist talks, screenings and performances. It officially launches the collective’s newest printed project — an anthology of performance scores, titled 16 10 20, riso-printed and published in a limited edition by PrintRoom. 

16 10 20 explores what ‘performance’ means when under conditions of quarantining, social distancing, or having to otherwise limit contact with others. What is a performance when you are your own audience?

The first of these events will take place on the 5th November within the framework of the ’22 edition of Zine Camp at WORM, with contributions from Ingvild Syntropia (artist talk), Karolina Rupp and Rachel Pursglove (performance), and Elena Kostenko (screening). 16 10 20 will also be available for purchase from the table of PrintRoom. Head over to the website of Zine Camp for the weekend’s full schedule.

31.10.2022 | 16 10 20

We are very happy to announce our newest project, titled 16 10 20.

16 10 20 will soon be available for purchase via our webshop and PrintRoom’s bookshop, along with a few other bookstores across The Netherlands. Stay tuned for our upcoming launch program Between Four Walls — three nomadic events, featuring

16 10 20 is an anthology of performance scores, riso-printed in a limited edition by PrintRoom, Rotterdam. Following on from our previous chapbook, 15 03 20 (published 2020), 16 10 20 explores what ‘performance’ means when under conditions of quarantining, social distancing, or having to otherwise limit contact with others. What is a performance when you are your own audience? The publication features contributions by: Kees van Leeuwen, Karolina Rupp, Yindi Chen, Rachel Pursglove, Pelumi Adejumo, Elena Kostenko-Lefebvre, Hannah Dawn Henderson, the collective To See the Inability to See (Arefeh Riahi, Maartje Fliervoet and Martín La Roche), Andrea Knézovic, Sands Murray Wassink, Ingvild Syntropia, Ratu Saraswati, and Lillian Vlaun.

16 10 20 was made possible with the support of Stichting Stokroos and PrintRoom.

11.11.2021 | Quarantine in the Archive Launch at Print Room

On the evening of the 11th November, PrintRoom will be launching several new publications and printed projects — including the Quarantine in the Archive, a collaboration between PrintRoom and Notes on Hapticity Collective. QiA is a limited edition, riso-printed mail-out, responding to a dive into PrintRoom’s archive during the second lockdown of 2020. The mail-out is composed of contributions by Hannah Dawn Henderson, Karolina Rupp and Kees van Leeuwen. A copy of QiA can be ordered at PrintRoom, at info[at]

24.02.2021 | 15 03 20 at Printed Matter’s Visual Art Book Fair with at PrintRoom

PrintRoom are participating in the first Printed Matter Virtual Art Book from February 24-28 2021, alongside more than 400 exhibitors from over 40 countries. PrintRoom will be available for conversations at their digital table, and also at their Temporary Take Away at the Rijnhoutplein in Rotterdam

25.11.2020 | Quarantine in the Archive at PrintRoom

N.O.H’s Karolina Rupp, Hannah Dawn Henderson and Kees van Leeuwen have spent the day exploring the archive at PrintRoom, as part of PrintRoom’s forthcoming project Quarantine in the Archive. More news to follow soon!

07.11.2020 | Virtual Tour of Towards a Foreword

Did you miss visiting Towards A Foreword in real life? Take a virtual reality walk-through online here!

Made possible by Rupp Media.

20.11.2020 | 15 03 20 – Launched!

Finally, despite some delays, our chapbook 15 03 20 is ready! Here below are some photos from the launch at the Leeszaal in Rotterdam West, kindly co-organised with Print Room. The launch featured talks by N.O.H Collective (represented by Hannah Dawn Henderson and Karolina Rupp), Kees van Leeuwen and Tomasz Skibicki. The chapbook can currently be purchased directly from Print Room and also via our webshop.

Photos courtesy of Print Room.

04.11.2020 | Book launch – POSTPONED

Due to the yesterday’s updates to the current social distancing regulations, we have had to postpone our book launch to a later date. We will confirm this new date as soon as is possible, though naturally it will not be for some weeks.

Nevertheless, the book is already available for purchase! You can contact Karin at Print Room to order a copy at In the next week the book will also be available from our web shop.

07.11.2020 | 15 03 20 – Book launch & Towards a Foreword – Finissage

We are delighted to finally announce the launch of our first publication 15 03 20, published by Rotterdam’s Print Room! This limited edition, riso-printed booklet reflects on the notion of the ‘haptic encounter’ — a subject that, these days, seems both extremely relevant yet ever more alien. It includes six artist spreads by Kees van Leeuwen, Hannah Dawn Henderson, Tomasz Skibick, Elena Kostenko, Grigoris Rizakis, and Karolina Rupp, as well as essays by Yindi Chen and Alexandre Richardeau

Creating 15 03 20 has truly been a labor of love: its contents was developed whilst we were experiencing the first ‘lockdown’ in different countries — The Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK. It was designed by Hannah Dawn Henderson and Cengiz Mengüç, and each of the 200 copies were assembled, hand-cut and stapled by Hannah Dawn, Karolina and Jip Piet over two afternoons in Rotterdam.

The launch will take place on Saturday 7th November at the Leeszaal in Rotterdam West, from 17:00 – 18:00. Registration is required and places are limited! If you would like to attend, please be sure to reserve a place with Karin at

If you can’t make the launch but you’d still like to buy a copy (€10 exc. shipping), please send an email to either Karin. It will be available for purchase in Print Room’s bookstore and, later in the month, on NOH’s webshop and in the bookshop of Kunstcentrum Stroom in Den Haag.

Saturday is also the last chance to see Towards a Foreword, which is on show at the Art Bar, directly opposite the Leeszaal. It will be open from 13:00 – 18:00

12.10.2020 | Towards a Foreword, some impressions

Here below are some impressions of the exhibition Towards a Foreword. To see more documentation, head over to the album on our Flickr.

11.10.2020 | Towards a Foreword – Opening

You are warmly invited to join us at the opening of Towards a Foreword, a pop-up exhibition developed in collaboration with Print Room, presented at the ART BAR on Rijnhoutplein in Rotterdam West, just opposite the Leeszaal. The exhibition features works by Hannah Dawn Henderson, Kees van Leeuwen, Elena Kostenko, Karolina Rupp and Tomasz Skibicki. These works use sculptural, allegorical, literary and research-orientated methods to examine notions of touch, inscription, connectedness, memory and memorialisation, and spatiality.

The opening will take place on Sunday 11th October, from 13:00 to 17:00, as part of Art Central Rotterdam. It is not necessary to pre-book a timesloh, but due to the current regulations only four people can enter the space at one given moment. Please be patient if you have to wait — in the meantime you can check out Print Room just around the corner on Schietbaanstraat!

01.08.2020 | Forthcoming: In Contact

Throughout August to September, we will be posting In Contact — a series of short articles and art texts developed in collaboration with creative practitioners, based across the world, reflecting on the significance of the present moment on their respective practices. The series can be read under our Texts tab.

We asked our respondents to consider not only the immediate impact of the pandemic — namely, the limitations on movement, travel and physical interaction, and the inevitable precarity that such conditions have produced — but to also dwell on any potential overlaps between these recent conditions and existing, long-term circumstances and enquiries. In this regard, we are keen to consider how the pandemic can be understood not so much as a disruptive episode — dislocated from everything that preceded it, and therefore a chronology of its own — but as an event that must necessarily be integrated within broader reflections on artistic, philosophical and sociological paradigms, as well as more intimate interrogations of ‘life in general’.

Contributors will include: Claudio Molinari Dassatti (AR), Vera Mennens (NL), Iva Supic (HR) and more. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date!

26.05.2020 | Making Progress

These past couple of weeks we have been busy reviewing paper options for our forthcoming publication, the origins of which you can read about on the page Who Are We? Due to the current restrictions on travel and physical distancing regulations, we find ourselves scattered in not only different cities but in different countries. Nevertheless, from our respective, newly-designated home-offices in England, Germany, the Netherlands and France, we’re still making progress — simply at an adjusted rhythm, one that insists on patience and relies just as much on Skype call as it does snail mail.

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