In Contact: Iva Supic

Vortex Reality Angel with a hyper positive attitude, Master of Reality and The Creator of ones own destiny knowing seeing expanding into the future eternally walking in the Light, promoting all inclusive enlightenment in Gucci yoga sweat pants

I feel like, by now, we all know or are about to find out how the universe and life work. It is wonderful and beautiful, but absolutely natural and really not mysterious — at least, not in a certain way. A way that says: there are things we will never understand, or there are things that exist outside of our ability to understand and ultimately use such information or knowledge. I don’t believe that, but I know I am one of God’s greatest mysteries and that doesn’t make me special.

I am a realist par excellence. The master of my own Reality, a living proof there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and God, that Light shit is blinding!

A big part of my art practice is creating my own contexts and operating within self-made environments and situations. Since 2014 I have been designing and researching for my fashion brand — first called Fashion of Christ, renamed Sins’N’Pains, and now going into Vortex Reality Angel. To explain — in retrograde, like Mercury — I realized that any title given to my work defines the moment I am going through on a personal level.  

Fashion of Christ signified the sudden loss of my mother and revisiting, without judgement, my old belief systems and the Christian context I grew up in. The title Sins and Pains is as obvious as it can be, and is the absolute Truth of a seven-years-long moment in my personal life. Without going into details — just take my word for it.

The very recent, hyper positive, Vortex Reality Angel symbolises survival and, ultimately, resurrection. Finally enlightened, knowing, seeing, understanding what it all means, feeling grateful for all adversities, difficulties and obstacles in my life — all experience is welcomed and is in the service of the light.

Shit, I wish I could back this up with proper research material — some intellectual, academic justification of the text I’m writing, but my whole library is in storage since March. I put it there after we lost our apartment in an earthquake. Instead of academic proof that what I’m writing is relatable and referential, I spend my days meditating on top of a hill, on a giant white stone in the North Adriatic Sea — the only place I belong to, the only place where you can meet me.

Current circumstances

Imagine me, swimming naked in the blue, cold sea, lying on white rocks, making art with kids, dreaming, thinking, envisioning and praying for a new beautiful apartment in Z., where I can have my studio, continue with my brand, bringing it to next level shit. Meantime, erotic desires never leave my sight and to find a lover — you know, like, the One — often comes first on my list during the New Moon Rituals. Until then, I keep on fucking…

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