In Contact: Hanne Dahl Geving

The lockdown came as a shock. I never thought Norway would close down. But then it happened the next day and I lost both of my jobs. I was without income! INDEFINITELY! That was the hardest part to accept. I felt rushes of panic. Stress. Panic. Thought of my grandmother. The elderly. The poor. Said to myself, I am not visiting her!

During the first month of lockdown it was hard to stand still. Constantly in a state of unease. Panic. Stress. Teary. I wanted to do anything besides thinking. Thinking made me anxious. Instead of thinking I started to walk with two female artists I met during my residency in Finland. Not physically, as they live in different countries, but spiritually and mentally. Walking in the Norwegian landscape surrounded by trees, rivers and fresh air relaxed my mind. No thoughts. I could breath. I took my camera and recorder and started focusing on the sounds, textures and colours around me – recording sounds of dripping water. Branches waving in the wind. I felt creative. It helped with the uncertainty. More so, I had something to do.

By walking in the Norwegian landscape with my fellow artists and sharing our experiences via Skype, I felt a sense of excitement. Involvement. The act of walking and discovering pushed my practice in a new direction. A very needed direction where play and exploration can unfold.

Hanne Dahl Geving lives and works in Trondheim, Norway. She has a BA and MA in Photography and has spent the last years living in England and Sweden. Geving has worked with installation, sound, performance, photography and video. In her practice exploration and curiosity are essential elements that has led her to explore topics within mental health such as loneliness, grief and eating disorders.

Geving’s work has been exhibited in Sweden, England and Norway.

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